Psalter 180 - Manifold Mercies

Psalm 68   L.M.

1God saved His people from distress
And led them through the wilderness;
Then mountains trembled in their place,
The heavens were bowed before His face.

2With copious showers Thou didst assuage
The thirsting of Thy heritage,
Thy congregation dwelt secure;
Thou, God, art gracious to the poor.

3The Lord sent forth His mighty word,
And shouts of victory were heard;
The women came, a mighty throng,
To join the glad triumphant song.

4When God His chosen people led,
The kings and armies turned and fled;
The hosts of God victorious fought,
And home their spoils and trophies brought.

5God’s people rested, free from care,
In glorious peace and beauty fair;
Their mighty King did overthrow
The hostile kings like driven snow.

6All mountains unto God belong,
But Zion’s holy mountains strong
Above them all the Lord loves well,
And there He will forever dwell.

7Great hosts to holy wars have trod,
The armies of the living God;
Among them He reveals His face,
The God of justice and of grace.

8Thou hast ascended up on high
And captive led captivity;
They come with gifts, who did rebel,
That with them God the Lord might dwell.

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1 - 99
The Blessedness of the Godly (Psalm 1)
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God’s Strength Our Protection (Psalm 18)
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The Good Sheperd (Psalm 23)
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Spiritual Aspirations (Psalm 25)
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The Paths of the Lord (Psalm 25)
The Petition of a Good Conscience (Psalm 26)
Integrity of Character (Psalm 26)
The Fearlessness of Faith (Psalm 27)
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Gracious Guidance. (Psalm 32)
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The Righteous and the Evil-Doer (Psalm 37)
100 - 199
The Secret of Tranquility (Psalm 37)
The Prosperity of the Upright (Psalm 37)
Penitential Grief and Supplication (Psalm 38)
A Plea for Salvation (Psalm 38)
The Frailty of Life (Psalm 39)
The Brevity of Human Life (Psalm 39)
Chastened Submission (Psalm 39)
A Mourner’s Entreaties (Psalm 39)
A Recital of Gracious Experience (Psalm 40)
Personal Devotion to God (Psalm 40)
The Mercy of God Besought (Psalm 40)
Grace and Gratitude (Psalm 40)
An Entreaty for Mercy (Psalm 40)
The Friend of the Poor (Psalm 41)
Thirstings for God (Psalm 42)
Longing After God (Psalm 42)
Remembrance of God (Psalm 42)
Our Support Amidst Distress (Psalm 42)
Spiritual Thirst (Psalm 42)
Devout Longings (Psalm 43)
Hope and Trust (Psalm 43)
God the Giver of Victory (Psalm 44)
The Martyr Church (Psalm 44)
An Importunate Prayer (Psalm 44)
The Royal Majesty of Christ (Psalm 45)
The Church the Bride of Christ (Psalm 45)
God a Very Present Help (Psalm 46)
The Protective Power of God (Psalm 46)
The Lord of Hosts (Psalm 46)
The Universal Sovereignty of Christ (Psalm 47)
The Ascended King (Psalm 47)
The Glory of the Church (Psalm 48)
Meditation and Joyful Gratitude (Psalm 48)
The Church of the Living God (Psalm 48)
Praise and Trust (Psalm 48)
The Vanity of Trust in Riches (Psalm 49)
The Issues of Life (Psalm 49)
Acceptable Worship (Psalm 50)
Sins of Hypocrisy (Psalm 50)
The Eternal Judgment (Psalm 50)
Penitential Prayers (Psalm 51)
Gracious Renewal and Testimony (Psalm 51)
A Penitent’s Plea (Psalm 51)
Prayer for Pardon and Cleansing (Psalm 51)
Pardon and Testimony (Psalm 51)
The Vindication of Righteousness (Psalm 52)
The Folly of Unbelief (Psalm 53)
Our Saviour in Trial (Psalm 54)
Earnest Appeal Against Enemies (Psalm 55)
Confession of Trust (Psalm 55)
Desire For Rest (Psalm 55)
Prayer for Deliverance (Psalm 56)
Fear and Faith (Psalm 56)
Heroic Faith (Psalm 56)
Danger and Rescue (Psalm 57)
Assurance Amid Peril (Psalm 57)
Wickedness and Retribution (Psalm 58)
A Cry for Help (Psalm 59)
Defeat and Triumphant Hope (Psalm 60)
Communion with God (Psalm 61)
Confidence in God (Psalm 61)
Dependence on God (Psalm 62)
God our Strength (Psalm 62)
Satisfaction in God (Psalm 63)
Spiritual Longing and Devotion (Psalm 63)
Prayer for Protection (Psalm 64)
Divine Grace Magnified (Psalm 65)
Harvest Thanksgiving (Psalm 65)
The Fatherly Goodness of God (Psalm 65)
Harvest Blessings (Psalm 65)
A Celebration of Divine Grace (Psalm 65)
God in Nature (Psalm 65)
The Blessings of Grace (Psalm 65)
Joyous Praise (Psalm 66)
The Obligations of Grace (Psalm 66)
Personal Testimony (Psalm 66)
A Revived Church and Missions (Psalm 67)
The Missionary Church (Psalm 67)
A Missionary Prayer (Psalm 67)
Invocation and Praise (Psalm 68)
Manifold Mercies (Psalm 68)
God Our Deliverer (Psalm 68)
God the Conquering King (Psalm 68)
Ascension Blessings (Psalm 68)
Suffering and Prayer (Psalm 69)
Petitions for Deliverance (Psalm 69)
Anticipation of Answered Prayer (Psalm 69)
Supplication and Testimony (Psalm 69)
A Suppliant’s Urgent Prayer (Psalm 70)
Prayer for Help (Psalm 70)
Trustful Entreaty and Praise (Psalm 71)
Abiding Confidence and Hope (Psalm 71)
A Prayer of Faith (Psalm 71)
The Reign of Christ (Psalm 72)
The Kingdom of Our Lord (Psalm 72)
Christ and His Cause (Psalm 72)
Grateful Adoration (Psalm 72)
The Doxology (Psalm 72)
The Blessings of Immanuel’s Reign (Psalm 72)
The King and His Kingdom (Psalm 72)
200 - 299
The Enthroned Christ (Psalm 72)
A Vindication of God’s Ways (Psalm 73)
Guidance and Glory (Psalm 73)
Life With God (Psalm 73)
God Our Only Good (Psalm 73)
The Church in Trial (Psalm 74)
The Righteous Judgment of God (Psalm 75)
Zion’s Glory and Safety (Psalm 76)
Aspects of the Divine Character (Psalm 76)
Doubts Overcome by Faith (Psalm 77)
Questionings and Comfort (Psalm 77)
The Wonderful Deeds of God (Psalm 77)
Hallowed Memories (Psalm 77)
Lessons From the Past (Psalm 78)
Reminders from Israel’s History (Psalm 78)
Religious Training (Psalm 78)
The Church Under Discipline (Psalm 79)
Forgiving Mercy Besought (Psalm 79)
A Suppliant Church (Psalm 80)
Restoration and Revival (Psalm 80)
Prayer for Restoring Grace (Psalm 80)
Longing for Revival (Psalm 80)
A Summons to Joyful Worship (Psalm 81)
Responsibility of Civil Officers (Psalm 82)
The Foes of the Church (Psalm 83)
Delight in the House of God (Psalm 84)
Longings for Sanctuary Fellowship (Psalm 84)
Delight in Church Ordinances (Psalm 84)
True Blessedness (Psalm 84)
Days in the Sanctuary (Psalm 84)
Assurance of Blessing (Psalm 85)
Encouragement in Prayer (Psalm 85)
Expectancy of Grace (Psalm 85)
Confident Pleading (Psalm 86)
Devout Prayers and Pleas (Psalm 86)
Confiding Prayer (Psalm 86)
Desires and Aspirations (Psalm 86)
The Church of God (Psalm 87)
The Church Universal (Psalm 87)
The Church of Christ (Psalm 87)
An Outpouring of Sorrow (Psalm 88)
The Mercies and Faithfulness of God (Psalm 89)
God the Source of Joy (Psalm 89)
Covenant Faithfulness (Psalm 89)
The Cry of the Mortal (Psalm 90)
The Lord Our Dwelling-Place (Psalm 90)
A Pilgrim’s Prayers (Psalm 90)
God Our Help and Hope (Psalm 90)
Overshadowing Protection (Psalm 91)
The Reward of Perfect Trust (Psalm 91)
The Duty of Praise (Psalm 92)
Joyful Worship (Psalm 92)
The Divine Rule and Power (Psalm 93)
God the Righteous Judge (Psalm 94)
An Invitation to Worship (Psalm 95)
Adoration and Submission (Psalm 95)
Worship and Its Motives (Psalm 95)
The Evangel of the Kingdom (Psalm 96)
The Message of Redemption (Psalm 96)
The Universal King (Psalm 96)
Divine Sovereignty (Psalm 97)
The Victories of Jesus Christ (Psalm 98)
A Salvation for the World (Psalm 98)
The Glad Tidings (Psalm 98)
Missionary Triumphs (Psalm 98)
The Majesty and Holiness of God (Psalm 99)
The Holiness of God (Psalm 99)
God the Righteous King (Psalm 99)
Thanksgiving and Praise (Psalm 100)
Universal Praise (Psalm 100)
Gladness in Worship (Psalm 100)
Godly Resolves (Psalm 101)
Affliction and Appeal (Psalm 102)
The Deliverance of Zion (Psalm 102)
Mortality and Immortality (Psalm 102)
The Covenant God and His Church (Psalm 102)
The Church and Her Head (Psalm 102)
Thankful Joy and Praise (Psalm 103)
The Fatherly Love of God (Psalm 103)
The Universal Debt of Praise (Psalm 103)
The Tender Mercies of God (Psalm 103)
A Mindful God (Psalm 103)
The Blessed and Only Potentate (Psalm 103)
Motives to Gratitude (Psalm 103)
The Wonders of Divine Grace (Psalm 103)
The Greatness of God in Nature (Psalm 104)
A Faithful Creator (Psalm 104)
A Meditation on Providence (Psalm 104)
The Creator Glorified (Psalm 104)
The Unfailing Faithfulness of God (Psalm 105)
Praise and Confession (Psalm 106)
Sin and Divine Patience (Psalm 106)
Redeeming Love (Psalm 107)
Emancipation from Spiritual Slavery (Psalm 107)
Praise for Gracious Deliverances (Psalm 107)
The Sovereign of the Sea (Psalm 107)
Providential Visitations (Psalm 107)
The Praise of the Redeemed (Psalm 107)
Gratitude and Confidence (Psalm 108)
Exultant Confidence (Psalm 108)
300 - 399
Divine Retribution for Evil (Psalm 109)
Supplication and Trust (Psalm 109)
Our Lord Jesus (Psalm 110)
Christ Our Priest-King (Psalm 110)
The Marvelous Works of God (Psalm 111)
The Blessed Life (Psalm 112)
The Glory and Condescension of God (Psalm 113)
Bondage and Deliverance (Psalm 114)
The Living and True God (Psalm 115)
Benediction Upon the God-Fearing (Psalm 115)
Redemption and Grateful Love (Psalm 116)
The Living Sacrifice (Psalm 116)
Granted Prayers (Psalm 116)
Consecration and Dedication (Psalm 116)
World-Wide Worship (Psalm 117)
The Universal Fellowship of Worship (Psalm 117)
The World-Wide Praise of God (Psalm 117)
God an All-Sufficient Helper (Psalm 118)
Thoughts for the Sanctuary (Psalm 118)
Deliverance and Victory (Psalm 118)
Thankfulness and Triumphant Joy (Psalm 118)
The Blessings of Obedience (Psalm 119)
Guidance for Youth (Psalm 119)
Our Pilgrimage Guide (Psalm 119)
Our Only Source of Help (Psalm 119)
Instruction in the Divine Law (Psalm 119)
Promised Mercies (Psalm 119)
Comfort in Affliction (Psalm 119)
God the Portion of the Soul (Psalm 119)
The Divine Goodness (Psalm 119)
Illumination and Testimony (Psalm 119)
Patient Endurance and Submission (Psalm 119)
The Immutable Word (Psalm 119)
The Profit of Bible Study (Psalm 119)
The Enlightening Power of the Word (Psalm 119)
Devotion to the Divine Law (Psalm 119)
Watching and Eager Longing (Psalm 119)
The Wondrous Testimonies of God (Psalm 119)
True Love for the Word (Psalm 119)
Importunate Prayer (Psalm 119)
Divine Help Invoked (Psalm 119)
Praise and Perfect Peace (Psalm 119)
Longing and Confession (Psalm 119)
The False Tongue (Psalm 120)
Quiet Trust (Psalm 121)
Our Unsleeping Guardian (Psalm 121)
Unwavering Trust in God (Psalm 121)
The Watchful Care of God (Psalm 121)
Attachment to the Church (Psalm 122)
Love for the Lord’s House (Psalm 122)
Devotion to the Church (Psalm 122)
Attentive Waiting (Psalm 123)
Escape from Enemies (Psalm 124)
Divine Deliverance (Psalm 124)
Our Sure Defense (Psalm 125)
Protecting Grace (Psalm 125)
The Divine Protection (Psalm 125)
Rescue from Spiritual Bondage (Psalm 126)
Deliverance and Restoration (Psalm 126)
Conscious Dependence on God (Psalm 127)
Family Happiness (Psalm 128)
Conflict and Victory (Psalm 129)
Redemption and Forgiveness (Psalm 130)
Waiting Upon God (Psalm 130)
Penitence and Hope (Psalm 130)
Pardoning Mercy (Psalm 130)
Humility and Meekness (Psalm 131)
God and His Church (Psalm 132)
The House of God (Psalm 132)
Brotherly Love (Psalm 133)
The Communion of the Saints (Psalm 133)
The Unity of Brotherhood (Psalm 133)
Doxology and Benediction (Psalm 134)
Incentives to Praise (Psalm 135)
Adoration of God (Psalm 135)
Invitations to Praise (Psalm 135)
Enduring Mercy (Psalm 136)
Divine Love (Psalm 136)
The Unfailing Mercy of God (Psalm 136)
Memories of Zion (Psalm 137)
Remembrance of Church Privileges (Psalm 137)
Exultation in God (Psalm 138)
A Vision of God (Psalm 139)
The Lord Our Maker (Psalm 139)
The Searcher of Hearts (Psalm 139)
Peril and Prayer (Psalm 140)
Prayerful Desire (Psalm 141)
Our Only Saviour (Psalm 142)
Christ our Refuge and Portion (Psalm 142)
Contrite Trust (Psalm 143)
Earnest Desire and Supplication (Psalm 143)
Reliance and Supplication (Psalm 143)
Trustful Praise and Prayer (Psalm 144)
National Prosperity (Psalm 144)
Our Glorious King (Psalm 145)
The Kingdom of Grace (Psalm 145)
The Goodness of God (Psalm 145)
The Greatness and Grace of God (Psalm 145)
Divine Grace and Compassion (Psalm 145)
The Excellency of God (Psalm 145)
400 - 499
Trust and Praise (Psalm 146)
The One True Helper (Psalm 146)
Reasons for Praise (Psalm 147)
Thankful Commemoration (Psalm 147)
Universal Adoration (Psalm 148)
Praise-Voices (Psalm 148)
Exultant Praise (Psalm 149)
The Promise of Victory (Psalm 149)
Triumphant Joy in God (Psalm 149)
A Summons to Praise (Psalm 150)
A Universal Doxology (Psalm 150)
The Offering of Praise (Psalm 150)
The Exaltation of God (Psalm 150)
The Hallelujah Chorus (Psalm 150)
O Lord, How Swiftly Grows (Psalm 3)
Unto Thee, O Lord Jehovah (Psalm 25)
As the Hart, About to Falter (Psalm 42)
Send Forth, O Lord of My Salvation (Psalm 43)
Praise the Lord, Ye Lands (Psalm 47)
Forth From Thy Courts, Thy Sacred Dwelling (Psalm 65)
God Shall Arise and by His Might (Psalm 68)
O God of Hosts, O God of Grace (Psalm 84)
My Mouth Shall Sing for Aye (Psalm 89)
Jehovah Reigns As King (Psalm 97)
Sing, Sing a New Song to Jehovah (Psalm 98)
Unto the Lord Lift Thankful Voices (Psalm 105)
I Love the Lord (Psalm 116)
Let All Exalt Jehovah’s Goodness (Psalm 118)
How Blessed Are the Perfect in the Way (Psalm 119)
With All My Heart Will I Record (Psalm 138)
Hallelujah! Praise Ye God! (Psalm 150)
Unto God, Our King (Psalm 81)
God Jehovah Reigns (Psalm 99)
The Lord’s Prayer
Our Father Which in Heaven Art