Biblical Baptism

A series about Biblical Baptism.

Biblical Justice

A series about Biblical Justice.

Puritan Theology

A series about Puritan Theology.

Marriage & Family

A series about Marriage & Family.

Biblical Worship

A series about Biblical Worship.


A series about Prayer.

An Examination

A series about examining Christian topics.

Tracing the Prophets

A series about Old Testament Prophets.

Tracing the Story of Scripture

A series about early Old Testament books.

Church History

A series about early Church History.

Schedule for 2022

Last updated on 19 January 2022

9thChurch History: Martin Luther and the 95 Theses
Deacon Asaph Ho
16thBiblical Baptism: Deriving the Blessings of Household Baptism from the Covenant Community
Brother Loh Peng Kee
23rdSelf-Organised Fellowship
2ndMarriage & Family Living: The Importance of Getting Married
Pastor Mark Chen
9thChurch History: The Spread of the Reformation
Deacon Asaph Ho
16th“Isms” & Issues: Charismaticism - Brief Historical Survey of the Pentecostal/Charismatic Movement
Pastor Mark Chen
23rdSelf-Organised Fellowship
6thBiblical Worship: Corruption of Worship in the Medieval Ages
Pastor Mark Chen
13thChristian Living: How to Know We Are Living by Faith or Feeling 1
Deacon Leong Yew Hoong
20thChristian Living: How to Know We Are Living by Faith or Feeling 2
Deacon Leong Yew Hoong
27thSelf-Organised Fellowship
4thMarriage & Family Living: Mutually Agreed Upon or Biblical Divorce?
Pastor Mark Chen
11thChristian Perspectives: Corporate Responsibility - What God Requires of a City
Pastor Au Yeong Hau Tzeng
18thChurch History: Philip Melanchthon
Deacon Asaph Ho
25thSelf-Organised Fellowship
1stBiblical Worship: Reformation of Worship by the Reformers
Pastor Mark Chen
8th“Isms” & Issues: Charismaticism - Cessationism and Continuationism
Deacon Asaph Ho
15thChristian Living: How to Deal with Shame and Lift the Pain of Worthlessness and Rejection
Intern Jonathan Yap
22ndSelf-Organised Fellowship
6thMarriage & Family Living: The One Flesh Principle
Pastor Mark Chen
13thChristian Perspectives: Abortion - A Feminist Cause?
Deacon Asaph Ho
20th“Isms” & Issues: An Examination of the New Perspective on Paul and Federal Vision
Elder Gideon Ng
27thSelf-Organised Fellowship
3rdBiblical Worship: The Regulative Principle of Worship
Pastor Mark Chen
10thChristian Living: Reflecting Human Worth in How We Listen and Talk 1
Brother Lee Beng Kui
17thChristian Living: Reflecting Human Worth in How We Listen and Talk 2
Brother Lee Beng Kui
24thSelf-Organised Fellowship
7thMarriage & Family Living: Physical Intimacy in Marriage
Pastor Mark Chen
14thChristian Perspectives: Pure Religion and Undefiled - A Plea to Plead
Brother Lester Chen
21stIsms” & Issues: Charismaticism - Examination of Tongues
Pastor Mark Chen
28thSelf-Organised Fellowship
5thBiblical Worship: Revivalism and Its Influence on Contemporary Worship Trends
Pastor Mark Chen
12thChurch History: Ulrich Zwingli
Deacon Asaph Ho
19th“Isms” & Issues: Charismaticism - Examination of Charismatic Prophecy and Miracles
Pastor Mark Chen
26thSelf-Organised Fellowship
2ndMarriage & Family Living: Importance of Having a Godly Seed
Pastor Mark Chen
9thChurch History: An Honest Evaluation of the Best and Worst Events in Christian History 1
Deacon R Manoj
16thChurch History: An Honest Evaluation of the Best and Worst Events in Christian History 2
Deacon R Manoj
23rdSelf-Organised Fellowship
7thMarriage & Family Living: Pregnancy, Barrenness, and Miscarriage
Pastor Mark Chen
14th“Isms” & Issues: An Examination of New Calvinism
Elder Wilson Oon
21stMissionaries & Martyrs: John Bunyan
Brother Anthony Quek
28thSelf-Organised Fellowship


This is the first month of 2022. No past schedule is available. May the Lord help us to conduct the lessons in a way pleasing to Him!