Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it.
— Proverbs 22:6 (KJV)

Young People's Ministry

The young people of FERC are very dear to us. Therefore, it is our utmost desire that every single one of them would come to a saving knowledge of Christ and be His faithful servants. We have various fellowship groups supporting this desire, namely, the Kingdom Seekers Youth Fellowship and the Young Working Adults Fellowship. We hope that through the work of these groups, our young people can grow in Christ through the listening of God's Word, prayers and praises to God, and the support and fellowship they enjoy with one another.

KSYF is a fellowship group consisting of young believers ranging from 12 year-olds to university students. The mission for this groups is to teach young people to seek God first in their lives (Worship), help them grow in their faith (Discipleship), nurture friendship bonded in Christ (Fellowship), equip them for service in the Church (Ministry), and for the Great Commission (Evangelism).

The theme changes annually, with activities focused on the theme of the year.

Age Groups

Previously known as Kingdom Seekers (KS) and Kingdom Seekers Seniors (KSS), the two groups merged to form KSYF. Within KSYF, there are 2 main age groups (derived from KS and KSS): 12 - 16 year-olds, and 17 year-olds to university students.


Annual youth camps

An annual camp is usually organised at the end of each year, where our youths get to bond with each other in the Lord. In the camp, our youths get to learn more about the Word of God, and also learn how to apply them into their daily lives.

Bible Study

Bible Study is held twice a month, usually on odd-week Saturday afternoons. Small group discussions allow the youths to learn from each other, and also serves as a platform for them to share their doubts and questions they may have, with regards to the topic discussed.


Outings are held occasionally, to promote friendship within KSYF, and to reinforce the lessons learnt from the Bible Studies through games and exhortations. Activities ranges from picnic and games, to cycling and rock-climbing.

Prayer Meetings

Every individual faces trouble in their daily lives, especially as a youth in this modern society, where the competition is very strong. In the prayer meetings held every last Sunday of the month, our youths get together to listen to the message by one of their peers, and also get together to pray, and give thanks to God at the same time (1 Thessalonians 5:17-18).

Special Events and Projects

The younger group amongst the KSYF will organise special events each year, with projects ranging from Parents’ Day Song Presentation, to Cheer-up Projects for students taking national examinations (1 Thessalonians 5:11).


The Workshops are usually held together with the Bible Study, and focuses on topics such as the Christian Pharisee and Worship.

The YWA serves as a platform for fellowship and support for the young adults of FERC who are in the workforce.


The meeting usually begins with a casual meal, providing a relaxed setting for members to communicate with each other. A message will be delivered after that, and focuses around issues that young Christians will usually face, ranging from Ambitions, to Maintaining a walk with God while faced with new responsibilities. Current and past office bearers of FERC also share their experiences during the meetings, and we are thankful to God for this. After the message, we usually break into small groups for discussion and prayer.

Meetings are held every 3rd Saturday evening of the month, in a member’s house. 20 - 30 members are usually present for the meetings. We thank God for providing us with members who willingly open their houses to us with Christian Hospitality, and pray that God will continue to provide us with speakers and topics that are relevant and helpful.


We occasionally organise events to contribute to the life of the Church. Some examples include the Inter-Church Games 2016, and the Church Outing in 2017. We believe all these events will enable Church members to have fellowship, and get to know more about each other, ultimately to bring Glory to God.