All scripture is given by inspiration of God, and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness:
— 2 Timothy 3:16 (KJV)

Covenant Instruction

Welcome to our Covenant Instruction (CI) classes. We believe that to have eternal life is to know the only true God through the Lord Jesus Christ Whom He sent to reveal Himself to His covenant people (John 17:3, 17:6). This revelation is now given to us in the Bible. Knowing the gospel and the truth therein will set us free to live the abundant Christian life that pleases God (John 8:32, 10:10). Hence, we conduct CI classes to progressively and systematically imbue our members with the living Word of God.

Adult CI Hub


To teach God’s people to observe all things that He has commanded us in His Holy Bible, so that they may be complete, thoroughly equipped for every good work.


To make disciples through the systematic teaching of the Holy Bible with an evolving and reusable syllabi at every level of instructions, so that the next generation could build on it.

We have CI classes for the following age groups with the goals for them to gradually build up their biblical and confessional knowledge, critical thinking of doctrines and practices, Bible interpretation and explanation skills, and life-long learning and application of biblical principles:

Nursery/Children: Pre-school/K1-K2

Goal: Acquaint

To introduce our pre-schoolers and kindergarteners to the Gospel through simple stories from the Bible and spiritual songs from our Christian heritage, so that they will have a precious store of spiritual treasures from an early age.

Little Juniors: P1 & P2

Goal: Familiarise

To distill biblical knowledge with simple biblical truths to our lower primary schoolers, so that they will have good biblical contents as foundation to understand the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ when they come of age.

Big Juniors: P3 & P4

Goal: Learn

To teach biblical truths with simple applications to our middle primary schoolers and instill the spiritual discipline of Scripture memory as they understand the Gospel, so that they will learn to keep God’s Word in their hearts and minds.

Teen Juniors: P5 & P6

Goal: Assimilate

To catechise our upper primary schoolers in the doctrines of our Christian faith from our Reformed Confessions, so that they will be able to relate biblical truths of the Gospel to our Confessions and be attuned to study doctrines at secondary level.

Junior Youths: S1 & S2

Goal: Believe

To impress the truths of the Gospel of grace in our lower secondary schoolers and inculcate the love of God in them, so that they will see their need of salvation and believe in the Lord Jesus Christ to relate to God in a real and living way.

Senior Youths: S3 & S4

Goal: Confess

To equip our upper secondary schoolers with the biblical basis for our beliefs through a reasoned and structured study of our Confessions, so that they will be inspired to confess Christ and live an antithetical Christian life in this evil world.

Young Adults: Ages 17 to 18

Goal: Study

To impart the big picture of God’s plan of salvation to our nascent young adults and train them to study and interpret the Bible to deal with opposing worldviews, so that they will espouse a holistic Christian outlook as they mature into adulthood.

Threshold Adults: Ages 19 to 20+

Goal: Defend

To imbue our young adults on the threshold to working life with a deeper understanding of their faith and practices, so that they will be able to defend their Christian belief and antithetic lifestyle when challenged by society’s counter-culture.

Adults: Ages 21 and above

Goal: Witness

To enthuse our adults to grow in grace and knowledge of God through a deeper study of the Bible, Reformed theology, and contemporary/practical issues, so that they will be equipped to live out the Gospel and explain their faith to others.