And the things that thou hast heard of me among many witnesses, the same commit thou to faithful men, who shall be able to teach others also.
— 2 Timothy 2:2 (KJV)

Follow-Up Ministry

Our Follow-Up Ministry focuses on providing support for Members and Visitors in their walk with God. We believe that living for Jesus is not merely an agenda item that we try to fit into our schedules. Jesus is our all in all. We should live our lives centred around Him. We strive to emphasise this through our Cell Groups, our Fellowship Groups, our Discipleship initiatives and through classes for those interested in knowing more about the Faith.

We have 3 classes catering to different groups of people:

Christianity Explained

Designed for newcomers who are interested in the Christian faith, this course covers the fundamentals of Christian faith in a series of lessons centered on the Gospel of Mark.

Discipleship Explored

This course caters to new Christians who desire to know what it means to be a disciple of Christ. By studying the book of Philippians, students get to learn about what following Christ is all about.

Course of Your Life

This 12-course series seeks to equip believers to become disciple-making disciples. This is in accordance with the Bible (Matthew 28:19), and is also in-line with our Discipleship Thrust initiative.

We encourage all church members to participate in the life of Care Groups. The Church is described as the body of Christ, closely knitted together and supporting each other with the gifts of the Holy Spirit, it therefore behooves each member to share one another's life with the view of mutual support to extend God’s Kingdom. The Care Group is therefore an important mean to manifest such truth in the Lord Jesus. There is no Lone Ranger in a Christian life!

As part of the Discipleship thrust, our Focus in the life of each Care Group is towards individual Christian growth as well as Gospel growth. The former focuses on the outworking of the scriptural injunction that each of us is to grow into maturity in Christ (Ephesians 4:13). The latter focuses on reaching out to others with the Gospel as part of the Care Group ministry working out the great commission. Going forward, we also want to train Cell group members to be able to do 1:1 ministry.

All in all, our desire is that each member of the church would be part of the Care or rather Growth group so that each can manifest the life that our Savior desires (Ephesians 4:16) that they may grow individually for the work of the ministry.

We also emphasise that Care Group meetings are more than just fellowship - it also consists of growing in Christ and to reach out to others. Growing in Christ is very important and we aim to achieve this via the meetings.

We believe that every new visitor who visits our Church does not come by chance - they come because of God’s Grace and Providence. Hence, regardless of their background, we welcome them in the Lord. The first step we take is to welcome them sincerely by name. We would also encourage them to join our Church as a member and be part of our family.

For regular visitors we adopt a “sheep dog” approach - every new visitor will have a sheepdog assigned to him or her, so as to share with them our doctrine, activities, as well as helping them to adapt better to our Church family. We also encourage them to join a Care Group, in order to have regular fellowship with other members for a start.

Materials are also available for new visitors to help them know us better. We also have copies of the Bible for them to use in our Church activities.

We currently have 5 main Care Groups situated at different locations in Singapore, catering for different localities. The Care Groups meet on a regular basis, having outings occasionally. Besides the Care Groups, we also have Men and Ladies Fellowships that meet once a month on the Last Lord’s Day as well as Zion’s Daughter Fellowship group that meets during the week day.

Care Groups List

Some of the resources above are also available in hardcopy. Please visit our Church to obtain one.