1All glory, laud, and honor
to thee, Redeemer, King,
to whom the lips of children
made sweet hosannas ring!
Thou art the King of Israel,
thou David's royal Son,
who in the Lord's name comest,
the King and blessed One!

2The people of the Hebrews
with palms before thee went;
our praise and prayer and anthems
before thee we present:
to thee, before thy passion,
they sang their hymns of praise;
to thee, now high exalted,
our melody we raise.

3Thou didst accept their praises;
accept the prayers we bring,
who in all good delightest,
thou good and gracious King!
All glory, laud, and honor
to thee, Redeemer, King,
to whom the lips of children
made sweet hosannas ring!

1Jesus, thou joy of loving hearts,
thou fount of life, thou light of men,
from the best bliss that earth imparts
we turn unfilled to thee again.

2Thy truth unchanged hath ever stood;
thou savest those that on thee call;
to them that seek thee thou art good,
to them that find thee all in all.

3We taste thee, O thou living bread,
and long to feast upon thee still;
we drink of thee, the fountain-head,
and thirst our souls from thee to fill.

4Our restless spirits yearn for thee,
where'er our changeful lot is cast;
glad when thy gracious smile we see,
blest when our faith can hold thee fast.

5O Jesus, ever with us stay,
make all our moments calm and bright;
chase the dark night of sin away,
shed o'er the world thy holy light.

1O praise the Lord, for He is good,
His mercies still endure;
Thus let His ransomed testify,
From all their foes secure.
He has redeemed His captive saints
From adversaries' hands,
Has gathered them and brought them back
In peace from hostile lands.

2They wandered in the wilderness
By want and hunger pressed;
In trouble then they cried to God,
He saved their souls distressed.
He made the way before them plain,
Himself became their guide;
He brought them to a city strong
Wherein they might abide.

3O praise the Lord, ye sons of men,
For all His goodness shown;
O praise Him for the wondrous works
To you He has made known.
The longing soul that turns to Him
He fully satisfies;
He fills with good each hungering one
That for His mercy cries.

1Zion, founded on the mountains,
God, thy Maker, loves thee well;
He has chosen Thee, most precious,
He delights in Thee to dwell;
God's own city,
Who can all thy glory tell?

2Heathen lands and hostile peoples
Soon shall come the Lord to know;
Nations born again in Zion
Shall the Lord's salvation show;
God Almighty
Shall on Zion strength bestow.

3When the Lord shall count the nations,
Sons and daughters He shall see,
Born to endless life in Zion,
And their joyful song shall be,
"Blessed Zion,
All our fountains are in Thee."

1Blest be the Lord, our fathers' God,
Eternal King of kings,
Who only is omnipotent,
Performing wondrous things.

2Blest be His great and glorious Name
For evermore, Amen,
And let His glory fill the earth
From shore to shore. Amen.