So then faith cometh by hearing, and hearing by the word of God.
— Romans 10:17 (KJV)

Reformation Conference 2018 The Person and Work of the Holy Spirit

♫ The Reformers' Doctrine of The Holy Spirit by Pastor Mark Chen

♫ The Ministry of The Holy Spirit Today by Pastor Chong Nam Tuck

♫ The Holy Spirit & my Stress by Pastor Mark Chen

♫ The Holy Spirit & my Faith by Pastor Mark Chen

♫ The Holy Spirit & my Temptations by Pastor Mark Chen

Christmas Gospel Meeting 2017 (by Elder Leow Sian Beng)

♫ The Men on the Cross - Justice, Injustice, Mercy

Christmas Gospel Meeting 2017 (by Pastor Chong Nam Tuck)

♫ The Reason for the Season

Reformation Conference 2017 Soli Deo Gloria

♫ Soli Deo Gloria & The Reformation by Pastor Andrew Young

♫ Soli Deo Gloria & The Individual by Pastor Mark Chen

♫ Q & A Forum

♫ Soli Deo Gloria & The Family by Pastor Chong Nam Tuck

♫ Soli Deo Gloria & The Church by Pastor Andrew Young

Church Camp 2017 (by Pastor Andrew Young)

♫ God's Design For Life

♫ Our Meeting Place with God

♫ The Difference Jesus Makes

♫ Acceptable Worship

♫ Sing Praises to God

♫ Calling on God in Prayer

♫ Hearing God Speak

♫ Eating and Drinking to Jesus

♫ Prayer (by Brother Jon Yap)

Christmas Gospel Meeting 2016 (by Pastor Chong Nam Tuck)

♫ Tis the Season, What's the Reason

Reformation Day Conference 2016 (by Pastor Wes Bredenhof)

♫ In Christ Alone, A Biblical & Confessional Overview

♫ Day 1 Q & A

♫ In Christ Alone, Meeting The Challenges

♫ In Christ Alone, What it Means For Reformed Church Life

♫ Day 2 Q & A

Family Day Seminar 2016

♫ Preparing and Keeping the Lord's Day for Christians and Families - Pastor Chong Nam Tuck

♫ Partners for Life: Some Practical Tips for Singles and Couples - Pastor Ong Keng Ho

♫ Pressures Facing Families in Our Modern Society and a Christian Response - Dr Daniel Kwek

Church Camp 2016 (by Pastor Mark Chen)

Introduction: ♫ A Hopeful Confidence in Christ for the Church (Phil 1:1-11)

1: ♫ Living Tenaciously For Christ (Phil 1:12-26)

2: ♫ True Unity in Christ (Phil 1:27-2:11)

3: ♫ Revolutionised by Christ (Phil 2v12-30)

4: ♫ Right by Christ, Not by Religon (Phil 3:1-9)

5: ♫ Knowing Christ Intimately (Phil 3:10-4:1)

6: ♫ Standing Firm in Godly Affections (Phil 4:4-9)

7: ♫ Learning to be Satisfied in Christ (Phil 4:10-23)

Good Friday Gospel Meeting 2016 (by Pastor Maurice Roberts)

♫ Christ, the Savior we all need

Vital Doctrines from Romans (by Pastor Maurice Roberts 2015)

♫ The Functions of God's Law Romans 7

♫ Christ's Resurrection and ours Romans 8:11

♫ The Groaning Universe Romans 8:19-25

♫ Our Rich and Glorious Hope Romans 8:28-39

Reformation Day Conference 2015 (by Pastor Maurice Roberts)

♫ Justification & The True Gospel

♫ Justification & The Two Adams

♫ Justification & The Relationship to Santification & Glorification

Church Camp 2015 (by Pastor Mark Chen)

♫ The Command for Discipleship

♫ The Cost of Discipleship

♫ The Goal of Discipleship

♫ The People of Discipleship

♫ The Method of Discipleship

♫ The Picture of Discipleship

Vital Christian Doctrines (by Pastor Maurice Roberts 2014)

♫ New Birth (Oct 22)

♫ The Atonement of Christ (Nov 12)

♫ Sanctification (Nov 19)

♫ Christian Assurance (Nov 26)

Reformation Day Conference 2014 (by Pastor Maurice Roberts)

♫ What is the Grace of God

♫ God's Grace or Man's Choice

♫ John Knox - The Trumpet Blast of Scotland