In Commemoration of the 500th Anniversary of the Protestant Reformation

Fri 27 Oct 2017 7pm - 9.15pm

The Reformation
By Dr Andrew Young
The Individual
By Pastor Mark Chen

Sat 28 Oct 2017 9.30am - 1pm

The Family
By Pastor Chong Nam Tuck
The Church
By Dr Andrew Young

Sat 28 Oct 2017 2.30pm - 7pm

Young Adults' Conference

The Relevance of the Reformation
By Dr Andrew Young
The Challenges of Living as a Christian Young Person
By Pastor Mark Chen



Centre for the Performing Arts 1
ACS (Independent)
121 Dover Road

Light dinner/lunch is provided on the respective days.


The apostle Paul closes his discussion of Israel, the Gentiles and the gospel in Romans 9-11 by exclaiming, “O the depth of the riches both of the wisdom and knowledge of God!” Then he adds, “For of him, and through him, and to him, are all things: to whom be the glory for ever. Amen.” (Romans 11:33, 36).

No words better capture the essence of this year’s Reformation Conference theme, Soli Deo Gloria – to God be the glory. Nor is any theme itself closer to the heart of the Reformation as an event than this.

Emerging as it did out of a religious world in the grips of a degraded papacy, arrogant church claims to infallibility, superstitious belief in the surplus merits of saints and in the grace-conferring power of sacraments, the Reformation restored the glory of God to its proper place. It reasserted that the gospel was from him, and through him, and to him, and that he alone was worthy of the praise of angels and men.

The dominant context of religious life in our times might be vastly different from what it was for Luther in the 16th century. But it has the same man-centered and man-glorifying tendencies. The celebration of the 500th anniversary of Luther’s courageous 95 Theses provides a welcome opportunity to remind ourselves that all the praise and glory for our salvation belongs to God.

Dr Andrew Young
Keynote Speaker, Reformation Conference 2017

The Speakers

Dr Andrew Young

Pastor Mark Chen

Pastor Chong Nam Tuck

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Friday 27 Oct 2017

Centre for the Performing Arts 1
TimeEvent Details
6.30pmRegistration Opens + Book Tables*
(Light dinner provided)
Foyer of Lower Tier
7.00pmWelcome + Opening Prayer + Songs
7.30pmMessage 1: Soli Deo Gloria and the Reformation
by Dr. Andrew Young
  • What did Soli Deo Gloria mean to the reformers?
  • Why was Soli Deo Gloria so important as to be listed as one of the 'solas' of the Reformation?
  • What should Soli Deo Gloria mean to us, now?
8.15pmTheme Song
8.20pmMessage 2: Soli Deo Gloria and the Individual
by Pastor Mark Chen
  • How has the Reformation transformed how we view ourselves as individuals?
  • How does this reformed view of the individual square with individualism?
  • How should an individual think and live with a view of Soli Deo Gloria?
9.05pmClosing Prayer + Announcements
9.15pmEnd of Day 1 + Book Tables*
Foyer of Lower Tier

Saturday 28 Oct 2017

Centre for the Performing Arts 1
TimeEvent Details
9.15amRegistration Opens + Book Tables*
Foyer of Lower Tier
9.30amWelcome + Opening Prayer + Songs
10amMessage 3: Soli Deo Gloria and the Family
by Pastor Chong Nam Tuck
  • How has the Reformation contributed to the importance of 'family' in the Christian religion?
  • What does it mean to pattern family life with a view of Soli Deo Gloria?
  • How does family worship play a part in Soli Deo Gloria?
10.45amBreak + Book Tables*
Foyer of Lower Tier
11.30amMessage 4: Soli Deo Gloria and the Church
by Pastor Andrew Young
  • How has the Reformation changed our understanding of 'the church'?
  • What are the prevailing teachings and practices advocated in churches today that are NOT to the glory of God?
  • How can we as a church keep to Soli Deo Gloria?
12.15pmQuestions and Answers
by Dr Andrew Young, Pastors Mark Chen and Chong Nam Tuck
12.45pmSongs + Closing Prayer + Announcements
1pmLunch + Book Tables*
2pmEnd of Main Conference

Saturday 28 Oct 2017

Young Adults' Conference

Lecture Theatre 4
TimeEvent Details
2pmRegistration Opens + Book Tables*
2.30pmWelcome + Opening Prayer + Songs
2.45pmMessage 1: How is the Reformation relevant to me as a Young Person?
by Dr Andrew Young
  • As a young person living in 21st-century Singapore, why should I take an interest in the Reformation that took place in an altogether different part of the world in an altogether different era?
  • When I think of the Reformation, I think of dry doctrines encoded in documents (such as creeds and confessions) written in antiquated technical language. How can my heart be aroused to these 'truths'?
  • What are some examples to convince me that Reformation doctrines are truly applicable to daily living - as a young person?
3.45pmPanel Discussion
4.30pmTea Break + Book Tables*
5.15pmMessage 2: Challenges of Living as a ​Christian Young Person
by Pastor Mark Chen
  • In terms of 'thought life', it is very challenging as a Christian young person because Christianity seems to be only one - and not a very popular one - out of many worldviews out there. How do I use my 'Christian lens' to look at the culture around me?
  • Also, in living out the Christian life, it is very challenging as there are many temptations - the non-Christian lifestyle is so much more fun and attractive. How can I stay true to the Christian faith, joyfully?
  • The reality also is that, socially, I spend more time with my non-Christian peers than my friends in church - because I study, play, and work with them much more than I do with my friends in church. It is inevitable that I get more drawn to their lifestyles and habits, but that often means compromising on my Christian values. Being guilt-stricken like this is no fun. Is there a way out of it?
6.15pmPanel Discussion
7.00pmDinner + Book Tables*
8.00pmEnd of Young Adults' Conference

Centre for the Performing Arts 1

Anglo-Chinese School (Independent)

121 Dover Road


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