Facilities Projection System

Projection Presentation Tips

Factors to Consider

The most important point that presenters have to be aware is that your audience is not sitting in front of a monitor. Your audience, of up to 200 people, are dispersed in a big hall.

Presentation content that is optimized for someone sitting in front of a monitor is not appropriate for use in the Sanctuary.

As a guide, if you are using PowerPoint, text size must be at least 30 "points"

Make optimal use of slide real estate. Too frequently, people have slides containing 80% white space and with small lines of text. Do not make this mistake.

When using more than one color on a slide, select constrasting colors unless it is the intention not to.

Some No's-No's

Do not show an Excel spreadsheet that is worked on by a single person as is.

Do not show a Word document that is editied by a single user as is.

Do not show a PDF that is designed for reading by a single person as is.

Do not show a web page not designed for special access as is.