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2024 Curriculum

Gains and Losses in Following Jesus

Mark's Gospel
  • Preparing for the Saviour
  • Leaving All to Follow Jesus
  • The Value of a Soul
  • The Currency of Heaven
  • The Cost of Our Salvation
  • Gaining from Loss
  • Profit or Loss?

Great Differences

Lessons from the Lives of David and Solomon (1 Samuel - 2 Chronicles)
  • How the Differences Come About
  • The Difference God Notices
  • Different Approaches to Battle
  • The Difference in Friendship
  • Christians are Different
  • The Difference Time Makes
  • Different Attitudes to Sin
  • The Difference Repentance Makes
  • The Difference at the End
  • Great David's Greater Son
  • Solomon - In all his Glory
  • Solomon's Downfall and Rescue

Early Reactions to the Apostles' Message

  • The Fickle Crowds
  • The Followers of Jesus
  • The Religious Leaders
  • A Searcher from Ethiopia
  • A Gentile Seeker

Elijah and Elisha

Sin and Its Cure (1 and 2 Kings)
  • Sin - Rejecting God
  • Sin - Playing with other 'gods'
  • Sin - Wounding the Conscience
  • Sin - Suffering a Fatal Disease
  • Sin - Meeting Death
  • Sin - Going to War with God
  • Sin - Refusing to Believe God's Promises

The Saviour Comes and Begins His Work

Matthew's Gospel
  • God with Us
  • The Wise Men and King Herod
  • The Lord Jesus is Tempted
  • Jesus' Teaching - The Two Roads
  • The Two Houses
  • The Two Trees
  • The 'Lord's Prayer'
  • Jesus Heals a Leper
  • The Wheat and the Tares
  • The Pearl of Great Price
  • Walking on the Sea

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