So then faith cometh by hearing, and hearing by the word of God.
— Romans 10:17 (KJV)

Have You Got Everything You Need Planned Out?


Bible text: Mark 10:17-22
Speaker: Pastor Chong Nam Tuck
Evening Service

At some point in life, we all realise the importance of making plans; we do so for education, for work, and as we grow older, for retirement. And sometimes, even after having done so, we still have a nagging feeling that we have forgotten something (extremely important).

In this story, a rich young man sincerely desired to obtain eternal life after death. Asking Jesus for advice on this matter, he assured Jesus that he had also kept the law from young even though Jesus told Him there was only One good. Find out how Jesus showed the man that eternal life and living in heaven with Him was not actually the man's ultimate desire.

Is living in heaven with God your ultimate desire here on earth? Or is there something else holding you back from desiring God-both now and in the life to come? Is there anything too big or precious that we cannot let go of in order to obey God?

  1. What is this sermon about and what can you learn from it?
  2. Which word of God speaks to you and what will you do about it?


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