Worship Songs

1 Now unto Jehovah, ye sons of the mighty,
  All glory and strength and dominion accord;
  Ascribe to Him glory, and render Him honor,
  In beauty of holiness worship the Lord.

2 The voice of Jehovah, the God of all glory,
  Rolls over the waters, the thunders awake;
  The voice of Jehovah, majestic and mighty,
  Is heard, and the cedars of Lebanon break.

3 His voice makes the mountains and deserts to tremble,
  Wild beasts are affrighted, the forests laid bare,
  And through all creation, His wonderful temple,
  All things He has fashioned His glory declare.

4 The Lord ruled in might at the flood of great waters,
  A King Whose dominion is never to cease;
  The Lord will give blessing and strength to His people,
  The Lord all His people will comfort with peace.

1 I will sing of my Redeemer
  and his wondrous love to me;
  on the cruel cross he suffered,
  from the curse to set me free.

  Sing, O sing of my Redeemer!
  With his blood he purchased me;
  on the cross he sealed my pardon,
  paid the debt and made me free.

2 I will tell the wondrous story,
  how my lost estate to save,
  in his boundless love and mercy,
  he the ransom freely gave.

3 I will praise my dear Redeemer,
  his triumphant pow'r I'll tell,
  how the victory he giveth
  over sin and death and hell.

4 I will sing of my Redeemer
  and his heav'nly love to me;
  he from death to life has brought me,
  Son of God, with him to be.

1 Golden harps are sounding, angel voices ring,
  pearly gates are opened, opened for the King:
  Christ, the King of glory, Jesus, King of love,
  is gone up in triumph to his throne above.

  All his work is ended, joyfully we sing:
  Jesus hath ascended: glory to our King!

2 He who came to save us, he who bled and died,
  now is crowned with glory at his Father's side.
  Nevermore to suffer, nevermore to die,
  Jesus, King of glory, is gone up on high.

3 Praying for his children in that blessed place,
  calling them to glory, sending them his grace;
  his bright home preparing, faithful ones for you;
  Jesus ever liveth, ever loveth too.

1 Trembling soul, beset by fears,
  "Thy God reigneth!"
  Look above and dry thy tears:
  "Thy God reigneth!"
  Though thy foes with pow'r assail,
  naught against thee shall prevail;
  trust in him - he'll never fail:
  "Thy God reigneth, thy God reigneth!"

2 Sinful soul, thy debt is paid;
  "Thy God reigneth!"
  On the Lord thy sins were laid;
  "Thy God reigneth!"
  On the cross of Calvary,
  Jesus shed his blood for thee,
  from all sin to set thee free:
  "Thy God reigneth, thy God reigneth!"

3 Seeking soul, to Jesus turn;
  "Thy God reigneth!"
  None that seek him will he spurn;
  "Thy God reigneth!"
  Wand'ring sheep the Shepherd seeks,
  and when found he ever keeps,
  for "he slumbers not nor sleeps":
  "Thy God reigneth, thy God reigneth!"

4 Join, ye saints, the truth proclaim,
  "Thy God reigneth!"
  Shout it forth with glad acclaim,
  "Thy God reigneth!"
  Zion, wake! the morn is nigh,
  see it break from yonder sky;
  loud and clear the watchmen cry:
  "Thy God reigneth, thy God reigneth!"

5 Church of Christ, awake, awake!
  "Thy God reigneth!"
  Forward, then, fresh courage take:
  "Thy God reigneth!"
  Soon, descending from his throne,
  he shall claim thee for his own;
  sin shall then be overthrown:
  "Thy God reigneth, thy God reigneth!"