Members Only

Any person whose email address is in the church directory may access the Members-only section.

To access the Members-only section, you must first sign in. To sign in, you need a:

Microsoft account
A Microsoft account (formerly known as Windows Live™ ID, and previously known as MSN Passport) is any of the following:
  • » Any MSN Hotmail or email address.
  • » Any email address that is used to sign in to Windows Live Messenger (formerly known as MSN Messenger).
  • » You can turn any existing email address (any domain) into a Windows Live ID. To do so, visit:


Google™ Account
A Google™ Account is any of the following:
  • » Any Gmail email address.
  • » An email address of any domain that is hosted by Google Apps. All addresses are Google Accounts.
  • » You can turn any existing email address (any domain) into a Google Account. To do so, visit:

Google Accounts in the current form have been obsoleted. We are re-developing the website with more login options. If you would like to help to test the new site, please contact

If this is your first time here:

You can use any Windows Live ID/Google Account to log into the FERC Members portal.  If you have an existing Windows Live ID/Google Account, please use it.

After you have signed in, we will authenticate you via your email address that is recorded in the church directory.

Note that the Windows Live ID/Google Account need not be the same as your email address.  Many people have matching Windows Live ID/Google Account and email address.  But any Windows Live ID/Google Account will also work here.

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