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Sermons - 2016

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DateSermonBible TextPreacher
03 JanDead and Alive with Christ!Romans 6:11Pastor Chong Nam Tuck
03 Jan1 Samuel1 Samuel 12:22Elder Loh Peng Kee
10 JanJob’s triumph of faith in the midst of great strugglesJob 23:10Pastor Hendrik Alkema
10 JanJustification: God declares that I am perfect before HimGen 32:1-21Pastor Hendrik Alkema
17 JanMordecai Sought the Welfare of God’s People and Spoke Peace to ThemEsther 8-10Pastor Chong Nam Tuck
17 JanThe Word Became FleshJohn 1:1-14Elder Siew Chee Seng
24 JanChristianity Without the Cross is WorthlessMatthew 16:24Pastor Chong Nam Tuck
24 JanDealing with Scandalous Sins1 Corinthians 5Elder Leong Yew Hoong
31 JanGospel Covenant and PromiseGalatians 3:15-18Pastor Linus Chua
31 JanThe Chilren of GodJohn 1:6-13Elder Siew Chee Seng
07 FebLove and obey Jehovah our GodDeuteronomy 6:1-5Pastor Chong Nam Tuck
07 FebPaul's Beautiful Picture of a True Christian1 Cor 7:29-31Elder Wilson Oon
14 FebFamily WorshipDeuteronomy 6:6-9Pastor Chong Nam Tuck
14 FebDo you know Christ?1 John 2:3-6Elder Lim Wee Beng
21 FebWedlockGenesis 2:18-25Elder Loh Peng Kee
21 FebVictors or Victims-The Fight of our Lives1 Pet 5:8-9Elder Ong Keng Ho
28 FebSinglenessGen 2:18 Matt 19:11 1 Cor 7:38Elder Loh Peng Kee
28 FebThe Twin Pillars of Effective Christian MinistryActs 6:1-7Elder Siew Chee Seng
06 MarFear Not, Only BelieveMark 5 : 36Elder Lim Wee Beng
06 MarFrom Slump to Spiritual EnlightenmentPsalm 73:1,12-28Elder Siew Chee Seng
13 MarThe Way of True HappinessPsalm 1Pastor Chong Nam Tuck
13 MarBringing A Brother to Court1 Cor 5:12 – 6:11Elder Leong Yew Hoong
20 MarChrist’s Kingly Entrance Into JerusalemMatt 21:1-11Pastor Chong Nam Tuck
20 MarOur Savior announces His impending deathLuke 18:31-34Pastor Chong Nam Tuck
27 MarMary, The First Person To Meet the Risen JesusJohn 20:11-18Pastor Chong Nam Tuck
27 MarThe Good Shepherd & His SheepJohn 10:1-18 27-28Elder Siew Chee Seng
03 AprConflicts Among BelieversJames 4:1-10Pastor Chong Nam Tuck
03 Apr2 Samuel2 SamuelElder Loh Peng Kee
10 AprGod WillingJames 4:13-17Pastor Chong Nam Tuck
10 AprA Model Christian ChurchActs 2:37-47Elder Siew Chee Seng
17 AprGod’s Command To make A Marker Of His Covenant Faithfulness At the Crossing Of The JordanJoshua 4:19-24Pastor Klass Jonker
17 AprGod’s Call to Move to Your Heavenly HomelandHebrews 11:8-10Pastor Klass Jonker
24 AprFor What Is Your LifeJames 4:14Pastor Chong Nam Tuck
24 AprTruths About the Christian Body1 Corinthians 6:9-20Elder Leong Yew Hoong
01 MayWorshipJohn 4:24Elder Loh Peng Kee
01 MayGod's HarvestJohn 4:31-38Elder Siew Chee Seng
08 MayBe Ye PatientJames 5:1-11Pastor Chong Nam Tuck
08 MayThe Comfort for us in Christ’s AscensionLuke 24:49-53 Acts 1:1-12 LD18Pastor Chong Nam Tuck
15 MayOur Old Life, Our New LifeEphesians 2: 1-10Elder Siew Chee Seng
15 MayBartimaeus healedMark 10:46-52Elder Lim Wee Beng
22 MayWe Ought Always to Pray and Not FaintJames 5:7-18Pastor Chong Nam Tuck
22 MayWhat Think Ye of the Kingdom of God?Matthew 6: 33Elder Wilson Oon
29 MayBring Back The WanderersJames 5:7-20Pastor Chong Nam Tuck
29 MaySolomon – Part 11 Kings 3: 5-14Elder Loh Peng Kee
05 JunJesus Suffered Outside The GateHebrews 13:9-17Pastor Chong Nam Tuck
05 JunThe Single State and the Married State1 Corinthians 7: 1-9Elder Leong Yew Hoong
12 JunA Hopeful Confidence in Christ for the ChurchPhilippians 1: 1-11Pastor Mark Chen
12 JunObey Your Church LeadersHebrews 13:1-19Pastor Mark Chen
19 JunGod – Part 1Genesis 1:1-5Elder Loh Peng Kee
19 JunArrogance Will Undermine The Gospel1 Corinthians 4:16Elder Wilson Oon
26 JunGod – Part 2Genesis 1:20-31Elder Loh Peng Kee
26 JunCommandment to Love One Another1 John 2:7-11Elder Lim Wee Beng
03 JulGod – Part 3Genesis 2:1-3Elder Loh Peng Kee
03 JulI am the Bread of LifeJohn 6:26-40Elder Siew Chee Seng
10 JulSigns of a Healthy Church1 Thessalonians 1: 1-10Pastor Chong Nam Tuck
10 JulHow Do I know My Conversion Is Real?Colossians 3:1-17; HC LD 33Pastor Chong Nam Tuck
17 JulExodus #1Genesis 50:22–Exodus 1:7Pastor Chong Nam Tuck
17 JulThe Christian’s View of Knowledge1 Corinthians 13:1-13, 10:14-22Elder Leong Yew Hoong
24 JulWhen God Sends AfflictionsExodus 1:1-22Pastor Chong Nam Tuck
24 JulSolomon Part 21 Kings 9:1-9Elder Loh Peng Kee
31 JulWhat does the Lord require of me?Micah 6:1-8Pastor Chong Nam Tuck
31 JulThe Folly of the Cross1 Corinthians 1:18-25Elder Wilson Oon
07 AugI Am the Vine, You Are the BranchesJohn 15:5Pastor Wietse Huizinga
07 AugExercise Loving Allegiance to the LordProverbs 3:5-6Pastor Wietse Huizinga
14 AugHannah, the Childless Wife, Bears a Special Son1 Samuel 1:15-17Pastor Wietse Huizinga
14 AugGod Wants Pure WorshipJohn 4:24Pastor Wietse Huizinga
21 AugFrom Deformation To Reformation1 Samuel 2:17,21Pastor Wietse Huizinga
28 AugThe Lord Calls Samuel to be His Spokesman1 Sam 3:10,18-21Pastor Wietse Huizinga
04 SepFallGenesis 3:1-24Elder Loh Peng Kee
04 SepChrist’s Invitation and PromiseJohn 7:37-39Elder Siew Chee Seng
11 SepThe Birth of MosesExodus 2:1-10Pastor Chong Nam Tuck
11 SepThe Rights of a Minister of the Gospel1 Corinthians 9:1-19Elder Leong Yew Hoong
18 SepContinued Spiritual GrowthPhilippians 1:9–11Pastor Ted Van Spronsen
18 SepIs It Because There Is No God?1 Kings 22:51-2 Kings 1:18Pastor Chong Nam Tuck
25 SepMoses Forsook EgyptExodus 2:10-15; Hebrews 11:24-27Pastor Chong Nam Tuck
25 SepSolomon – Part 31 Kings 11:9-13Elder Loh Peng Kee
02 OctThe Only Name by Which You Must Be SavedActs 4:12Pastor Wietse Huizinga
02 OctCelebrate the Feast of Your FreedomIsaiah 58Pastor Wietse Huizinga
09 OctThe Hand of the God of the Ark Strikes the PhilistinesSamuel 5:7Pastor Wietse Huizinga
09 OctHonor Those in Authority Over YouExodus 20:12Pastor Wietse Huizinga
16 OctThe Ark Returns in Triumph and Fear1 Samuel 6:13-21Pastor Wietse Huizinga
16 OctDo Not MurderExodus 20:13Pastor Wietse Huizinga
23 OctEbenezer, The Stone of Help: Thus Far The Lord Has Helped Us1 Samuel 7:12Pastor Wietse Huizinga
23 OctHonor Your Marriage and Your Sexuality1 Corinthians 6:19Pastor Wietse Huizinga
30 OctGod Unveils Jesus to John and Through JohnJohn 1:29-34Pastor Wes Bredenhof
30 OctI believe in Jesus the only SaviorIsaiah 45:14-25Pastor Wes Bredenhof
06 NovIsrael Requests A King1 Samuel 8:7,9,22Pastor Wietse Huizinga
06 NovAs Eternally Rich Stewards Use Temporary Earthly Goods ShrewdlyLuke 16:1-13Pastor Wietse Huizinga
13 NovThe Lord Anoints Saul As Leader Over All Israel1 Samuel 9:15-17, 10:1Pastor Wietse Huizinga
13 NovSpeak The Truth In Love!Deuteronomy 19:15-21Pastor Wietse Huizinga
20 NovThe Lord Makes Public He Has Chosen Saul1 Samuel 10:9-11;20-21Pastor Wietse Huizinga
20 NovDo Not CovetRomans 7:7-25Pastor Wietse Huizinga
27 NovThe People Celebrate The Victory Over Ammon And Unanimously Proclaim Saul As King1 Samuel 11Pastor Wietse Huizinga
27 NovChrist Prays For His Enemies And Teaches Us To Do The SameLuke 23:26-49Pastor Wietse Huizinga
04 Dec Christ Made To Be Sin For UsLuke 23:1-25Pastor Chong Nam Tuck
04 DecWhat Does It Take To Bring The Gospel To All Men1 Corinthians 9:19-27Elder Leong Yew Hoong
11 DecLove Not The World1 John 2:15-17Elder Lim Wee Beng
18 DecMoses At The Burning BushExodus 3:1-15Pastor Chong Nam Tuck
25 DecLo, I Come!Psalms 40:6-8Pastor Chong Nam Tuck