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Sermons - 2015

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DateSermonBible TextPreacher
04 JanIt Is Well2 Kings 4:8-37Pastor Chong Nam Tuck
04 JanJoshuaHebrews 4:8-11Elder Loh Peng Kee
11 JanOut Of Egypt Have I Called My SonMatthew 2:15Pastor Chong Nam Tuck
11 JanGod Calls Us To Hold Firmly To The FaithHebrews 3:12-14Pastor Chong Nam Tuck
18 JanGospel Manners and RebukeGalatians 2:11-16Pastor Linus Chua
18 JanPrayer for Christian LivingPhilippians 1:1-11Elder Siew Chee Seng
25 JanLiving as Disciples of ChristMatthew 16:21-28Pastor Chong Nam Tuck
25 JanKnowing Jesus, The Incarnated Son of God1 John 1:1-4Elder Lim Wee Beng
01 FebHow are the Disciples of Christ to Face Life’s TrialsJames 1:1-4Pastor Chong Nam Tuck
01 FebJesus Calls Us To Rest In HimMatthew 11:28-30Pastor Chong Nam Tuck
08 FebWe Need Wisdom From GodJames 1:5-8Pastor Chong Nam Tuck
08 FebTrue Disciples, False DisciplesJohn 6:67-69Elder Siew Chee Seng
15 FebCrucified and AliveGalatians 2:20Pastor Linus Chua
15 FebNot Wasting Our Life1 Corinthians 3:14,15Elder Wilson Oon
22 FebSealed by God in Jesus ChristEphesians 1:13-14Pastor Christopher Seah
22 FebBe Sure To Love OthersRomans 13:8-10Pastor Chong Nam Tuck
01 MarGospelJohn 3:14-21Elder Loh Peng Kee
01 MarThe Cost for Christ’s DiscipleLuke 14:25-35Elder Siew Chee Seng
08 MarTrust Not In Worldly Possessions But In God’s ProvisionJames 1:9-11Pastor Chong Nam Tuck
08 MarFaith-less or Care-less?Mark 4: 35-41Elder Ong Keng Ho
15 MarBlessed Are Those Who Endure TemptationsJames 1:1-15Pastor Chong Nam Tuck
15 MarLet Us Run With Endurance!Hebrews 12:1,2Pastor Chong Nam Tuck
22 MarEndure Temptations and Trials with the Knowledge of God’s GoodnessJames 1:16-18Pastor Chong Nam Tuck
29 MarThe Marks Of One Who Is Born AgainJames 1:19-27Pastor Chong Nam Tuck
29 MarThe Lord Jesus Does All Things WellMark 7:31-37Pastor Chong Nam Tuck
05 AprChrist Is Risen!Luke 24:13-35Pastor Chong Nam Tuck
05 AprThe Disciple’s Prayer LifeLuke 11:1-13Elder Siew Chee Seng
12 AprRunning Away From GodJonah 1:1-16Pastor Chong Nam Tuck
12 AprThe Matchless Mercy of GodMicah 7:18,19Pastor Chong Nam Tuck
19 AprTurning Back To GodJonah 1:17-2:10Pastor Chong Nam Tuck
19 AprGod Is Light1 John 1:5-7Elder Lim Wee Beng
26 AprKnow How Much Your Father Loves YouEphesians 1:15-19Pastor Christopher Seah
26 AprChrist's Sheep Shall Never PerishJohn 10:28,29Pastor Chong Nam Tuck
03 MayWorkGenesis 2:15Elder Loh Peng Kee
03 MayThe Disciple’s Lord and MasterMatthew 10:16- 33Elder Siew Chee Seng
10 MayRepentanceJonah 3:1-10Pastor Chong Nam Tuck
10 MayGiving Ourselves, Giving Unto Others2 Corinthians 8:1-9Elder Wilson Oon
17 MayKeeping The Christian UnityEphesians 4:1-6Elder Siew Chee Seng
24 MayGod’s Amazing GraceJonah 4:1-11Pastor Chong Nam Tuck
24 MayI will Joy in the God of My SalvationMark 2:18-22Pastor Chong Nam Tuck
31 MayRefreshment For The Thirsty SoulsIsaiah 44:1-5Pastor Chong Nam Tuck
31 MayDealing with Sin1 John 1:8-10Elder Lim Wee Beng
07 JunChrist Desires To Sup With His PeopleLuke 22:14,15Pastor Chong Nam Tuck
07 JunJesus Christ is God's RevelationHebrews 1:1-3Pastor Mark Chen
14 JunThe Command for DiscipleshipLuke 9:23-24Pastor Mark Chen
14 JunJesus Christ Is Better Than the AngelsHebrews 1:4-14Pastor Mark Chen
21 JunIs Your Christianity From The Heart?Mark 7:1-23Pastor Chong Nam Tuck
21 JunThe Exemplar of the Gospel-Focused LifePhilippians 1:21Elder Wilson Oon
28 JunJesus, Head Over All ThingsEphesians 1:20-23Pastor Christopher Seah
28 JunGive Us This Day Our Daily BreadMatthew 6:11Pastor Chong Nam Tuck
05 JulRestGenesis 2:1-3Elder Loh Peng Kee
05 JulPlanning For The FutureJames 4:13-17Elder Siew Chee Seng
12 JulChrist’s Gifts to His ChurchEphesians 4: 7-13Pastor Chong Nam Tuck
12 JulOne Small Step of Obedience, One Giant Heap of BlessingsLuke 5:1-11Elder Ong Keng Ho
19 JulPartiality — A Contradiction of Christian LivingJames 2:1-13Pastor Chong Nam Tuck
19 JulChrist’s Accomplishment of the Work of Redemption!John 19:28-30Pastor Chong Nam Tuck
26 JulFaith Without Works Is Dead!James 2:14-26Pastor Chong Nam Tuck
26 JulGrowing In Christ2 Peter 3:11-18Elder Siew Chee Seng
02 AugProclaiming The Lord’s Death Till He Comes1 Corinthians 11:26Pastor Chong Nam Tuck
02 AugSocial Life in The Church IICorinthians 12:12-27Elder Leong Yew Hoong
09 AugProper Use Of Our TongueJames 3:2Pastor Chong Nam Tuck
09 AugWorld ViewPsalm 2Pastor Linus Chua
16 AugThe Spiritual House of God1 Peter 1:18–25 to 2:5Elder Siew Chee Seng
16 AugTrusting in Jesus Christ, Our Advocate1 John 2:1-2Elder Lim Wee Beng
23 AugGreat LoveEphesians 2:1-4Pastor Christopher Seah
23 AugFather, Into Thy Hands I Commend My Spirit!Luke 23:46Pastor Chong Nam Tuck
30 AugAre You Wise?James 3:13-18Pastor Chong Nam Tuck
30 AugMy Only Comfort in Life and in DeathIsaiah 39:5-40:31Pastor Chong Nam Tuck
06 SepProcreationGenesis 1:28Elder Loh Peng Kee
06 SepGod’s Everlasting KingdomPsalm 145:1-21Elder Siew Chee Seng
13 SepDoes God Reign Over All?Esther 1Pastor Chong Nam Tuck
13 SepChristian's Contentment and DiscontentednessPhilippian 4:13Elder Wilson Oon
20 SepEsther Made QueenEsther 2Pastor Chong Nam Tuck
20 SepThe Importance of The Law of God for Our ComfortRomans 7Pastor Chong Nam Tuck
27 SepLet Us Stand Firm In The LordEsther 3Pastor Chong Nam Tuck
27 SepSalutation and Privileges of Believers2 Peter 1:1-4Elder Siew Chee Seng
04 OctFor Such A Time As ThisEsther 4Pastor Chong Nam Tuck
04 OctChristian Living Amidst Strong Cultural Forces1 Corinthians 1:17-2:5Elder Leong Yew Hoong
11 OctJehovah Reigns Supreme!Esther 5Pastor Chong Nam Tuck
11 OctSpiritual Growth2 Peter 1:3-11Pastor Chong Nam Tuck
18 OctThe Preciousness of Saving Faith2 Peter 1:1-11Pastor Chong Nam Tuck
18 OctWhat It Means To Follow JesusMatthew 8:18-22Elder Lim Wee Beng
25 OctNow Who Is Really CertainEsther 6 & 7Pastor Chong Nam Tuck
01 NovIt Is FinishsedJohn 19:30Pastor Maurice Roberts
01 NovTriumphant In Death2 Timothy 4:6-8Pastor Maurice Roberts
08 NovChristianity – The Perfect ReligionHebrews 1:1-4Pastor Maurice Roberts
08 NovGood Is Not Good EnoughMark 10:17-27Elder Ong Keng Ho
15 NovAsaph's ProblemPsalm 73Pastor Maurice Roberts
15 NovThe Warning To Scoffers2 Peter 3:3Pastor Maurice Roberts
22 NovThe Christian's HappinessIsaiah 35Pastor Maurice Roberts
22 NovGod's Love For MankindJohn 3:16Pastor Maurice Roberts
29 NovGod's PurposeRomans 8:28Pastor Maurice Roberts
29 NovThe Way, The Truth, The LifeJohn 14:6Pastor Maurice Roberts
06 DecGod's BlessingsEphesians 1:3fPastor Maurice Roberts
06 DecThe Mountain of GraceIsaiah 25:6-8Pastor Maurice Roberts
13 DecThe Efficacy of Christ's BloodHebrews 9:13-14Pastor Maurice Roberts
13 DecHope for a Godly RemnantPsalm 12Pastor Maurice Roberts
20 DecGospel InterrogationGalatians 3:1-5Pastor Linus Chua
27 DecWill We Be Found Wanting When Weighed In God’s Balances?Daniel 5:27Pastor Chong Nam Tuck
27 DecRuthRuth 1:16,17Elder Loh Peng Keek