Other Recordings

Christmas Gospel Meeting 2016

Pastor Paul Chong

Reformation Day Conference 2016

Pastor Wes Bredenhof

Family Day Seminar 2016

  1. Preparing and Keeping the Lord's Day for Christians and Families - Pastor Chong Nam Tuck
  2. Partners for Life: Some Practical Tips for Singles and Couples - Pastor Ong Keng Ho
  3. Pressures Facing Families in Our Modern Society and a Christian Response - Dr Daniel Kwek

Church Camp 2016

Pastor Mark Chen

  1. Introduction: A Hopeful Confidence in Christ for the Church (Phil 1:1-11)
  2. 1: Living Tenaciously For Christ (Phil 1:12-26)
  3. 2: True Unity in Christ (Phil 1:27-2:11)
  4. 3: Revolutionised by Christ (Phil 2v12-30)
  5. 4: Right by Christ, Not by Religon (Phil 3:1-9)
  6. 5: Knowing Christ Intimately (Phil 3:10-4:1)
  7. 6: Standing Firm in Godly Affections (Phil 4:4-9)
  8. 7: Learning to be Satisfied in Christ (Phil 4:10-23)

Good Friday Gospel Meeting 2016

Pastor Maurice Roberts

Vital Doctrines from Romans

Pastor Maurice Roberts 2015

Reformation Day Conference 2015

Pastor Maurice Roberts

Church Camp 2015

Pastor Mark Chen

  1. The Command for Discipleship
  2. The Cost of Discipleship
  3. The Goal of Discipleship
  4. The People of Discipleship
  5. The Method of Discipleship
  6. The Picture of Discipleship

Vital Christian Doctrines

Pastor Maurice Roberts 2014

Reformation Day Conference 2014

Pastor Maurice Roberts

Good Friday Gospel Meeting 2014

Pastor Chong Nam Tuck

Christmas Gospel Meeting 2013

Elder Daniel Kwek

Reformation Day Conference 2013

Pastor Linus Chua of Pilgrim Covenant Church

Good Friday Gospel Meeting 2013

Pastor Chong Nam Tuck

Christmas Gospel Meeting 2012

Pastor Chong Nam Tuck

Reformation Day Conference 2012

Dr Wesley L Bredenhof of Providence Canadian Reformed Church

Church Camp 2012

Pastor Peter Kek of Puchong Grace Church