Fraternal Church Relations with like minded Brethren

The First Evangelical Reformed Church (FERC) believes that it is her sacred duty to manifest true unity and catholicity of the Church on earth by establishing fraternal relationships with churches that have obtained like precious faith with us (Jn.17:20-23, 1Cor.12:12-27). Towards this end, the Church Contact Committee (CCC) was formed in 2011, with a mandate to formulate the FERC Fraternal Relationships Guidelines which was adopted by the FERC Board of Elders (BOE) in 2012.

The guidelines stipulated 3 levels of relationships. Level 1 calls for a relationship of that of a denomination, having the same confessions and liturgy. Level 2 stipulates a sister-church relationship that is based on the adherence to the same or similar confessional standards and essential ecclesiastical distinctive while level 3 "churches in fellowship" relationship is based on adherence to the same or similar confessional standards without the need to adopt the same ecclesiastical distinctive. The key differences between level 2 and 3 are that level 2 relationship provides for the eligibility for calls to serve in each others congregation as well as the provisions for the privileges to preach, administer and partake of the Lord's supper.

Furthermore, the FERC’s BOE has also mandated the CCC to pursue fraternal church relationship at level 3 in the fourth quarter of 2012 with a number of Churches of Reformed Persuasion

  • FERC has since entered into a level 3 relationship in the form of a Memorandum of Mutual Support, signed in 15th December 2013 with Covenant Grace Church, Penang, Malaysia. This marked a significant milestone in a more than a decade of mutual support in the gospel ministry between the two entities, that was first started in 2003, with our late Pastor Lau.
  • FERC is pleased to announce that she has accepted the offer of sister church relation by Free Reformed Churches of Australia (FRCA) 2015 Synod, according to the FRCA’s Rules for Sister Church Relations, and that this relationship has taken effect on the 19 th October 2015. The aforementioned Rules of Sister Church Relation of FRCA is similar to Level 2 of FERC fraternal relationship guidelines.

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